Question: Is LeBron A Better Shooter Than Kobe?

Did LeBron James pass Kobe Bryant?

LeBron James passes Kobe Bryant for third place on NBA’s all-time scoring list.

And with 7:23 in the third quarter, James’ driving layup gave him 33,644 points and pushed him ahead of Bryant (33,643) for No.

3 on the scoring list, behind just Karl Malone (36,928) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387)..

Is Tim Duncan better than Kobe Bryant?

Bryant has the edge in All-Star appearances, 18 to 15, but Duncan has the edge in regular-season MVPs (two to one) and NBA Finals MVPs (three to two). … So, yes, in short: Duncan better than Kobe! Duncan never missed the playoffs. He won 50 games in every season that wasn’t shortened by a lockout.

What made Tim Duncan so good?

In his prime Duncan had unstoppable low post moves and was one of the league’s best defenders. His resume includes two regular season MVP awards (one more than Shaq), 13 All-Star Game appearances, Nine All-NBA first team selections, and eight All-Defensive first team selections (Shaq had none).

What killed Kobe Bryant?

January 26, 2020Kobe Bryant/Date of death

Who is a better shooter LeBron or Kobe?

Kobe averaged 25.6 points across 220 postseason appearances with a true shooting percentage 54.1 of and a 3-point percentage of 33.1. Kobe is without question an all-time great, but LeBron is possibly the greatest to ever lace them up.

When did LeBron pass Kobe Bryant?

MAR 20. He reached the milestone with a driving layup in the third quarter of the Lakers’ game against the Sixers, passing Bryant’s 33,643 career points. James was congratulated by PA announcer Matt Cord for his achievement.

Is LeBron James good at free throws?

Let’s find out. More often than not, LeBron James has found it easy to get to the free throw line throughout his career. His ball-handling, body control and powerful frame allow him to get to positions from where fouling him is the only option left to prevent him from shooting.

Who hit the most buzzer beaters in NBA history?

According to Basketball Reference, Jordan made a total of nine game-winning buzzer-beaters in his Hall of Fame career, which is the most in NBA history. Kobe Bryant and Joe Johnson rank second with eight each, followed by LeBron James and Paul Piece with seven each.

Who hit the most game winners in NBA history?

With that, let’s take a look at the players with the most game-winning buzzer-beaters in NBA history.Gilbert Arenas (5) … Vince Carter (5) … Dwyane Wade (5) … Paul Pierce (7) … LeBron James (7) … Kobe Bryant (8) … Michael Jordan (9)Aug 5, 2020

Was Kobe a better shooter than Jordan?

Two things are obvious here: Kobe took way more attempts, made more attempts and did so at a slightly better clip than Jordan. But to suggest Jordan took fewer shots because he knew he was out of his range is silly. Also baseless is the notion that if Jordan shot more attempts, his percentage would have dropped.

Who is better Shaq or Tim Duncan?

Verdict: Both are right. Shaq was more dominant. He would dunk you into the crust of the Earth. Duncan was fundamentally sound, he helped his team in so many ways.

How many times did Kobe play against Michael Jordan?

With only six years of overlap between the two, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan faced each other a total of 8 times. Bryant won five of those matchups, going 2-2 when Jordan was with the Bulls and 3-1 against the Wizards.

Did Kobe beat Jordan?

Bryant went on to become a five-time NBA champion over his 20 seasons with the Lakers, one title short of Jordan. Bryant edged out Jordan on career points with 33,643, while Jordan had 32,292. After Bryant died in a helicopter crash on Jan.

Who worked harder Kobe or Jordan?

Jordan worked smarter whereas Bryant worked harder. Moreover, the former Chicago Bull would play better team basketball once he was inserted back into the lineup whereas Bryant just wanted to go back to playing because of his competitive drive. Jordan is known as one of the most competitive players in all of sports.

Who beat Kobe Bryant record?

LeBron James breaks Kobe Bryant’s career NBA points record.

Who has more game winning shots Kobe or LeBron?

According to since the 2003-2004 season, Kobe Bryant has hit 14 game winning shots while LeBron has hit 17. … And the numbers state LeBron has been more clutch over the past 4.5 seasons.

Who was better than Jordan?

The One Player Who Was Said to Be Better Than Michael Jordan Never Played in the NBA. If you look back at the 1986 NBA draft, there was a player who was said to have a great NBA career. Some people even said that he was better than Michael Jordan. That basketball player was Len Bias.

Can LeBron shoot 3s?

So far this season, he’s hitting 36 percent of his 3-pointers. That’s roughly league-average, and while it’s far above 34.4 percent career average, it isn’t exactly anything to write home about. … LeBron viewed 3-pointers as a last resort.

How many dunks does LeBron have?

2018-19 season had the biggest growth since 2001, with 15% more dunks than the season before. Centers and playmakers have the largest impact on the number of team dunks….Player impact on team dunks.Player ArrivedLeBron JamesTeamLALSeason2018-19Dunks572Prior Season3859 more columns•Mar 2, 2021

Who is the goat of the NBA?

Michael JordanMany consider either LeBron James or Michael Jordan the greatest player in NBA history—the GOAT, as the title is widely abbreviated in sports circles.

Is LeBron a good mid range shooter?

LeBron is a career 37% mid-range shooter; Jordan is 51%