Question: How Many Pairs Of Chunky Dunks Are Releasing?

What skate shops are getting the chunky dunks?

With more updates, looks and release info to follow, make sure that you’re following our official Twitter account for more.Update 04.10. @ 10:00 am ET (05.26)StockX.Stadium Goods.GOAT.Ben & Jerry’s.Andrew.APB Skateshop (Hawaii only)More items…•May 22, 2020.

How much do dunks resell for?

Colorway: White/Glacier Blue On StockX, the average selling price is almost $300 while also being sold for as high as $400.

What are Ben and Jerry shoes worth?

The sneakers went for $100 at retail and are already fetching thousands of dollars on the resale marketplace. Pairs of the Friends and Family version of the shoe, which come with a branded ice-cream shoebox, have already sold for upwards of $3,800 on StockX while standalone pairs are selling for as high as $1,900.

How much do the Ben and Jerry’s shoes cost?

Nike and Ben & Jerry’s teamed up to create a new sneaker they’re calling the “Chunky Dunky.” It’s inspired by the design on pints of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream. The suggested retail price is $100. Pairs went on sale at select Nike stores over the weekend, and on Nike’s app and website Tuesday.

Does zumiez get dunks?

The Dunk Low from Nike is a timeless pair of low tops that will never go out of style and now available in the Zumiez Exclusive varsity purple, chlorine blue, and black colorway. Nike Dunk High LR Chlorine & Varsity purple shoe. Zumiez Exclusive Shoes. … Reinforced abrasion areas in Varsity Purple.

What are dunks low?

The sneaker component to the Nothing But the Truth full-length skate video campaign, the What the Dunk Low Pro SB was created from 31 separate Nike SB Dunks. With a design goal to be the “Dunk to end all Dunks”, the creation of the What the Dunk was painstaking, meticulous, and ridiculous on purpose.

How many pairs of chunky dunks are there?

The shoe is limited, with some stores receiving in the area of 25 pairs. In some ways, the project feels like a return to form for Nike SB, a hysteria-inducing partnership in flashy colors.

Where are the chunky dunks releasing?

The sneaker was available via select Nike SB skate shops on May 23 before dropping on Nike SNKRS in highly limited numbers on May 26.

How much will Chunky Dunky resale for?

And yet the Chunky Dunky, which went on sale yesterday for $100 through Nike, sold out immediately. More bracingly, it is now trading for an average sale price of $1,609 on secondary market StockX. The Friends & Family edition of the shoe, which arrived in a sneaker-sized tub of ice cream, is going for $3,828.

How can you tell fake chunky dunks?

Firstly, notice that the space between the “Chunky Dunky” text and the bottom stitching line of the tongue label is larger on a replica pair. Secondly, inspect the font of the “Nike SB” text. You will notice that letters on the real tongue label are shorter and thicker.

Are there fake chunky Dunkys?

The authentic Chunky Dunkys have their Swoosh looking bigger than the fake shoes’ Swoosh, because the retail pair has its Swoosh closer to the upper part of the sneakers, while the fake shoes have their Swoosh smaller, making it be too far away from the upper part of the shoes.

How can I tell if my Nike Dunk High is legit?

To put it shortly, the fastest way to spot fake Nike Dunk High shoes is to look at the size tag inside each pair, as well as the stitches on the rear side of the shoes, since the fake High Dunks never have their text and stitches at the correct thickness, while all of the authentic Dunks are distinguishable from the …